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Are you a “future proof” manager?

150 150 Matthew Doig

Once again, Christmas draws near and our minds turn to the challenges of the New Year. It is only right that we reflect on the decisions we have made during 2017 and how these may have impacted on the people we work with. What is also important though is that we consider how well we will handle the New Year. Will we embrace change and try new things? Will we try to see old things in a new way and new things?

The best resolution we can make is to do everything we can to look forward and be open to the changes that will be critical to our success and that of our organisations. Here are some quick New Year’s resolutions that might help you with this:

  • Talk to your new staff – Some of the best and brightest ideas often come from people who are new to the organisation and are not affected by the dogma that can come with spending a lot of time doing the same things. Get their ideas and find out how they see things unfolding for your industry in the year ahead.
  • Keep connected – I have already waxed lyrical in previous articles about the need to be across Social Media and what it is saying about your industry. There are lots of opinions out there (some of them silly) which are worth you knowing about. This will give you a heads up to emerging trends or views which may assist you with your long-term planning.
  • Don’t fear the future – This is more easily said than done, but being sceptical and guarded about change is more likely to create a reactive mentality. Of course, we need to approach new ideas with our eyes fully open but look around at the changes that have already impacted on your industry before you just dismiss new ideas (no matter how crazy) out of hand.
  • Encourage a future friendly culture – We hear a lot about the need for organisations to future proof themselves via investing in new equipment, processes, marketing and training for staff. It is important to remember that the very best future proofing we can have is in our own attitude. Do we see the future as a place we belong by embracing change and looking for new opportunities or is it a place to be feared and protected against? Only you can answer that question and your answer will have big implications for those that work for you.

I just want to take this opportunity to wish everyone the very best for the approaching Christmas/Holiday season and hope that 2018 is great year for you both personally and professionally. I look forward to sharing more insights and ideas with you to assist in developing your people and organisations.