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Feedback – Not just Negative!

150 150 Matthew Doig

  “I think I’m going OK but I’m not really sure.” This is a statement which should fill any proactive Manager with dread. To have…

Feedback – Not just a once yearly event!

150 150 Matthew Doig

  Probably the most common issue I see in my work as HR Consultant is people who complain about not knowing how they are getting…

Training your Trainers.

150 150 Matthew Doig

Developing good workplace trainers can present major challenges to operators with the forest industries. These trainers will be entrusted with developing talent within an organisation…

Who trains your trainers?

150 150 Matthew Doig

A central activity of any modern organisation is training and development. It is only reasonable to expect that we invest time and money in ensuring…

Don’t be backward in responding to Social Media

150 150 Matthew Doig

  Recently, I heard a story about a young couple who were enjoying a pleasant drive in an area of regional Australia. As they drove…

Don’t be negative about being positive

150 150 Matthew Doig

  A few days ago, as I watched news of the latest terrorist attacks, I was struck by how easy it can be to experience…