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What makes a leader “good”?

150 150 Matthew Doig

Leader, boss, head honcho, main man (or woman); many words are used to describe the person who is responsible for others, but they don’t really…

What culture are you creating as the “Boss”?

150 150 Matthew Doig

    I talked in my previous column about the importance of trying to create a positive culture in an organisation and the flow on…

What’s your Culture?

150 150 Matthew Doig

Since I have been writing these articles, I have often mentioned the “Culture” word in connection with Forest Industry issues. So much is determined by…

Having fun at work – for real

150 150 Matthew Doig

  In my last contribution, I talked about how important it is that we take some responsibility to create a positive work environment where our…

A really quick guide to motivation theories

150 150 Matthew Doig

  The vexed question of how to get people motivated and in to their work is as old as the workplace itself. Managers have long…

Motivating people – what does it really take?

150 150 Matthew Doig

  When I worked in the Public Service a few decades ago, there were very few people there who I could honestly say enjoyed their…