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Our Services

Leadership and manager development

Getting people and teams to perform at their best is critical to the success of any organisation. Melliodora has many years’ experience in developing Team Leaders and Managers and equipping them with the capacity to inspire and lead their work groups. We make use of the latest techniques to help instil confidence and capability in the people we work with.

Presentation Skills

The ability to present to large or small groups is a valuable skill for all people and a great way to stand out. Melliodora offers tailored programs in this vital area of Corporate communications and can offer ongoing support and feedback for people seeking to further develop their presentation capabilities.

Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

Conflict is an inevitable feature of modern workplaces. How we manage this conflict will have a huge impact on our productivity and that of our teams. Melliodora provides training in the latest Conflict Resolution techniques, including developing win/win negotiating skills.

Training Needs Analysis

Melliodora has many years determining the training needs of large and small organisations. We can provide a total service in reviewing your organisation’s operational needs, the current capabilities of staff, identify the capability gap and develop a strategy to develop people to meet future needs.

The Service Edge© – Customer service development

Melliodora has a program known as The Service Edge© which takes a holistic view of service delivery both from an organisational structure and individual service delivery perspective.  It can be developed to suit the service delivery challenges of a range of diverse industries and has been used with success by several of our clients.

Written Business communication

The ability to get an influential written message across remains a key competency in the modern workplace. Whether it is through formal letters, reports, texts, emails or via Social Media, Melliodora can provide your people with a successful formula to produce professional written material which will reflect positively on your organisation.

Self-management skills development

At the heart of good performance is the ability to self-organise and manage priorities. Melliodora provides a service in assisting people to audit their own effectiveness in these areas and then equip them with the mindset and skills to be great self-managers.

Performance management, coaching and mentoring support

Melliodora has developed a comprehensive training program to equip people with the skills to coach and mentor others in the workplace. This vital skill is being requested by more and more organisations and Melliodora can also offer it in a distance format to suit remote clients.

Utilising Social Media

Social Media has permeated every area of our lives and the workplace is no exception. It is becoming increasingly important to use this medium to promote ourselves and manage our image. Melliodora has the expertise to assist you in utilising the medium to your advantage and can advise on a Social Media strategy well suited to you own purposes.

Recruitment strategies

Melliodora, can provide advice and support on getting the best people for your organisation. We are also able to provide you with a professional development framework and tailored strategies you can use to maximise the contribution of your new and existing employees.