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The Video Promotion – Attracting talent to your Company

150 150 Matthew Doig


Video is everywhere. From your iPhone/Android to YouTube there seems to be no area which is not covered by a “quick clip”. As a HR/recruitment consultant I am often asked about the best way to post a video promoting a company as an employer of choice. The simple answer is that there is no technical barrier to doing this and a clip of any sort can be easily integrated into whatever media platform you are utilising. The bigger question of course is why you would do this? As with any sell, you need to ask yourself if the video approach is the optimum way to gain attention. Whilst this approach is relatively new to the world of promotions, some old rules still apply.  Keep the following in mind:


Carefully consider where you will be posting your clip and how likely it is that it will be seen. There are a number of options ranging from putting the clip on your own website, to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter or even on career networking sites. This should be the first step before you even think about putting together a video.


Be clear about who you are and what you have to offer. Start with your company’s story and some achievements of which it can be proud. People like to hear a good story and may see themselves as becoming part of this story in the future as an employee.


Remember that the purpose of the video is to get noticed. Keep it short, two to three minutes’ maximum, so that watching it is an interesting exercise for the viewer and not a trial. Many users of the internet today will only stick around for a short period of time so make sure you make your point quickly.


If you are going to have someone appearing in the clip on behalf of the Company, make sure they “video” well. Does this person sound convincing? If they come across as hesitant or even halfhearted you should consider getting someone else. If you decide to make your own video, then get someone independent to have a look at it for you. They can give you feedback on the technical quality of the clip as well as its content and how it will appeal to prospective employees. Dark, hard to hear clips with wooden presenters are not going to win any potential new employees over! What might look great to you, may not impress a critic.


Ensure your presenter is Dressed and groomed appropriately. A clip extolling the virtues of a Forestry Company looks fine with people in Company field wear, but make sure it is clean and fits properly. Not really “rocket science” but you would be surprised at the number of clips I have seen where the presenter looks like they have just stepped out of a tumble dryer!


Be prepared to update your video often. Make sure it reflects the current situation in your Company. You may need to remake your video on a semi regular basis to ensure that it is still relevant to the people you are trying to reach.


Having a promotional video on your Company can be a great way to sow some interest out in job hunter land.  Just make sure the video reflects well on your organisation.