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Training your Trainers.

150 150 Matthew Doig

Developing good workplace trainers can present major challenges to operators with the forest industries. These trainers will be entrusted with developing talent within an organisation and with so much riding on their ability, decisions about how to best develop them need to be made carefully.

When thinking about how to do this, we need to consider what kind of training situations the staff member needs to be prepared for. Person to person workplace “training” usually comes in the following forms:

  • Workplace instruction – this is carried out with one person or a small group. In this instance the emphasis is on showing someone how to undertake a skill or apply knowledge in various contexts. This requires the trainer to understand how to break down tasks, be able to work with other people as they are shown how to do something and then practice this until the instructor is satisfied they have mastered it to the required standard.
  • Workplace mentoring – in a mentoring situation, someone in the workplace will take on the responsibility to guide another person and assist them in developing their skills over an agreed time. This may also involve some instruction but will mainly be about spending time with the “mentee”, giving them guidance and acting as a sounding board on important issues relating to personal development and career progression.
  • Group presentations – in situations where larger groups of people need to be provided with information, a presenter must be able to deal with the challenge of putting together a session which engages people and also takes account of the dynamics of a group, what it takes to accomplish a transfer of learning (usually covering theory of some kind) and to achieve this through the use of various presentation aids.

In my previous article I mentioned how Skill Sets from the TAE40116 Training Package can assist organisations in developing their own trainers. There are two Skill Sets in particular which address the areas of workplace training described above.

Enterprise Trainer – Mentoring Skill Set

Enterprise Trainer – Presenting Skill Set

In each of these cases the relevant accredited units of competency form the basis of training programs which have been developed by various providers and which can be used to address the development needs of people who will be carrying out workplace training activities. One such example is provided at the following link: