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Tweeting up a new employee

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In my last article, I talked about how we can use Twitter to let people know about the employment opportunities in your organisation. Getting the word out about the jobs we have going is at the heart of good recruitment practice and Twitter can help us attract potential employees in a number of ways.


Whilst it is great to be using this medium, we need to be a little creative in the way that we do our tweets and be sure our approach not only reflects the tone and style used in Twitter but does indeed attract people. Imagine doing a tweet saying “position vacant” and then having the usual position description attached! This is an “old world” approach which is limited in effectiveness and does not take advantage of the potential Twitter has.


If we want to really attract people we need to make sure we have considered the following.


  • Be interesting and contemporary in the words you use. 140 words is not much, so describe the job quickly and rely on a link to give the rest of the details. Make sure that the job description you link to is concise and portrays you as an “employer of choice”.


  • Use key words and then hash tag them to describe the job you are advertising This makes them more likely to be found by people doing searches for jobs within your industry. If you are looking for a Harvesting Supervisor for Softwood plantations, then say #Harvestingsupervisor in your tweet rather than being too general in your description. Saying something like #Supervisoryopportunity will not be as sticky to the people you are after as something which has the actual job title in it.


  • As well as using a hash tag for the job description, try to also use some other relevant industry hash tags in there such as #Softwoodplantations. This will further widen the catchment of relevant people you attract who may have the skills and experience you are looking for.


  • You also need to consider whether you should you create your own Twitter account which is devoted only to job opportunities? To justify the work involved in this you would probably need to be advertising quite a bit, but it does have the advantage of delivering a very targeted message. When people see something like @XYZForestsJobs you will quickly become a regular place for job hunters to visit. This will gain further traction as job hunters like, retweet or comment on positions you have posted.


  • The number of times you Tweet the same job is important. When you do your first Tweet make sure you follow up with another tweet the same day. You do not want to overdo the number of times the job is tweeted as frequently repeated tweets tend to be annoying to Twitter users. A couple of times each day for the period you wish to advertise is usually fine.


Having a presence on Twitter will give you the opportunity to draw in a whole new cohort of potential employees or contractors as well as getting your organisation’s name out and about. Maybe it is time for you to try tweeting up some new employees!


Matthew Doig

twitter @Jobcave